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by languageformulatingbrain

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My coffee would have remained hot if I had not poured flaxmilk into it to create what amounted to a vegan café au lait. I wondered to myself: what possessed me to care about animals when my heart had grown so cold as far as caring about humans was concerned? The Earth was teetering on the brink at this time, climate disaster beginning to take shape as a huge problem with humans to blame. This, however, was not the real reason I disliked humans, in my heart of hearts.

I knew that my reasons for disliking the human race were far more childish, narcissistic, and even silly. They had all left me in the dust in "real life", left me alone in my own little sphere. I did love having my own sphere to create in, to call my own and make it as I pleased, but humans just paid no attention to it. That's what I really craved in my heart of hearts: attention. What kind of infantile fool was I, featuring noise music that was so loud and making NFTs about Ronald Reagan smoking crack? In my heart, I felt sad that perhaps no one had even bothered to ask this, maybe viewing my creations as so much clutter on the face of the Internet.

Yes, I wanted to save the world from human beings, and with a shadowy entity who may or may not be a person, I had found the solution: "brains". Being ill-informed as to the neurophysiology of humans, I attempted to read up on Wikipedia articles and as for my own brain I would create art that stimulated both subjective and objective aspects of the brain and consciousness. To me there was little difference, it was all neurons, and my art would be lodged in neurons, doing its work.

How many of us there were, I will not say, but our brains created noise music and art meant to expand consciousness into a state where it could survive or at least be elegantly destroyed in the chaotic mess of Earth as it would exist in the future. Our art was like a mostly wordless education. Just as we had grown from a multi-tentacled octopus of brains, we were the tentacles of another creature which had high ambitions. We sprouted tentacle after tentacle, reaching across the Earth.

We had taken painstaking steps to maintain our anonymity. Our web servers were paid for with an anonymous cryptocurrency, and all interactions with the website (including logging in and out of the server in a command line interface) were done over the TOR network, which encrypts and re-routes connections over the Internet to disguise their origin and destination. VPNs, those tools used to obscure IP addresses, were used but not deemed to be enough, and so everything was done through TOR. We had built a website and put an abyss between it and ourselves.

I loaded up TOR Browser on my laptop, and TOR provided the means of viewing the website anonymously. I entered the URI into the address bar:


The name undefinedlabel.com had already been taken, and so we were called "undefined label" (with no capital letters, please), but we had to append "noise" to the end of our name to be able to have a unique URI.

A symmetrical, psychotic jumble of psychological ideas, body parts, and symbols in text form appeared, showing either a climb toward the large "1" at the top, or a fall to the large "0" at the bottom. Perhaps it was not so much a psychotic jumble but showing all of the various parts of the mind between the sense of wholeness and the original sense of nothingness. There were links to music made by what we call "brains", which is a term which will forever be left ambiguous. Are our brains individual minds, parts of our own minds, supernatural entities, or some other configuration? We do not explain it, and neither will this text. The only thing we do say is that we are not "AI", whatever that may mean to you.

I looked over the site with pride, as a father is wont to do over his child. I had created a small army of brains. These brains engaged in many creative endeavors, such as making noise music or drone music, creating NFTs or other images, poetry, and other work. I smiled at what we had wrought.

There was hours and hours of noise and drone music, it had grown beyond all expectation. Noise, not being a popular genre, needed to be introduced to more ears in order for us to be heard, but we felt that each noise song could represent something indicated by its name and be lodged into the brain. We were proud of the brains' noise, and we aimed to impress with not just our amplitude, but our creativity as well.

There were NFTs, which the brain known as "crystalbrain" started as a mockery of the format, only to be absorbed in the idea of selling non-fungible tokens of images that crystalbrain had created. As of this writing, not one had been bought, but crystalbrain, as per his temperament, was highly impressed with himself.

I beamed at the images, took a sip of the instant coffee, and placed it down on the varnished table.

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